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Are you tired of your reading glasses?

If this sounds familiar, you may be interested in an alternative solution.
ICOLENS consists of a tiny lens surgically placed into the transparent front
part of the eye (i.e. cornea) in an outpatient procedure. The micro-lens
remains in the eye. It may, however, be removed at any time without any
residual effect on the eye. ICOLENS is a truly reversible, safe, and aesthetic
solution specifically designed to reduce or eliminate the need for reading
glasses essentially without impairing distance vision.

Are you looking for a refractive treatment for presbyopia?

Then you might be interested in the ICOLENS offering. The solution
comprises a fully biocompatible micro-lens placed into a pocket in the 
corneal stroma. The system is CE certified and has been systematically 
investigated in voluntary clinical trials confirming both safety and efficacy. 
Empirical evidence further confirms that there are no residual visual effects 
upon removal of the lens. ICOLENS may be of interest for refractive surgeons
considering adding a novel presbyopia treatment option to their practice.